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Lunch at HHE

We welcome parents to come have
lunch with their child(ren). As
a reminder, parents are asked
to sit with their child at one of
the round tables nearest the
kitchen. Also, we ask that this
lunch be a special time for you
and your child only. Please do
not bring other students to the
table as this can cause hurt
feelings and can also be a
safety concern due to food allergies.

Lunch Times

  • Kindergarten 10:40-11:05
  • First Grade 10:50-11:15
  • Second Grade 11:10-11:35
  • Third Grade 11:25-11:50
  • Fourth Grade 12:10-12:30
  • Fifth Grade 11:55-12:15
  • Sixth Grade 12:30-12:50


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