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Thursday, March 25, is an AMI day because LSR7 staff members are receiving COVID-19 vaccines and working from home. For assistance, please contact the school on Friday, March 26.
For "Kindergarten Kick-off!" information and instructions, please visit our kindergarten registration page.

    Student Directroy

    PTA Student Directory

    The 2020-21 PTA Student Directory is here!  You will be asked to enter a password.  The password was sent out via school messenger on March 15th.  Once you enter the password you will have access to a link that will … Continue reading

    Late Start Wed

    Late Start Wednesday Schedule

    We still have late starts but they are only once a month! Doors to school will open at 9:05 am and school will start at 9:20 am on the following dates.   Mar. 24, 2021   Apr. 28, 2021 Summit Rise (child … Continue reading


    It’s time to order your YEARBOOK!!

    HHE yearbooks can be ordered through March 28th, 2021 and will be sent to HHE for distribution.  Online orders only!  We will not be sending home order forms this year. Please click here to order!


    Rapid Antigen Testing

    The District will begin offering free student COVID-19 rapid antigen testing beginning on December 2nd.  Testing will be for LSR7 students who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms only, per state guidance.  Scheduling testing appointments will be managed via HHE’s RN, Dawn … Continue reading


    Late Arrivals

    Per the LSR7 student handbook, any student arriving after 8:20am (Wednesday 9:20am) is considered tardy and must be signed in at the front office by a parent or guardian.  Thank you for your help with this.

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