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Hawthorn Hill Elementary opened in fall 2001 and is located on the southwest side of the district. Hawthorn Hill’s name was suggested by a local student and was one of 75 school name suggestions submitted by students, parents and patrons. Hawthorn is the Missouri state flower and the school sits on top of a small hill. HHE’s mascot is the “Hornet” and school colors are blue, burgundy and gold. Hawthorn Hill is highly regarded for its friendliness and sense of community.

The mission of Hawthorn Hill reflects the strong commitment that students, teachers and parents have toward student learning. “Each student, through collaboration among the parents, staff and community, will be provided with exceptional instruction within a safe and caring environment that promotes high expectations for the development of successful lifelong learners.”

The Hawthorn Hill Pledge represents the pride that all students exhibit each day!
“As Hawthorn Hill Hornets, we pledge to meet new friends and learn new things while having fun. We will do this by respecting others and welcoming new friends. As Hornets we will do our personal best!”


Stat  Information
Current Enrollment  564
School Colors Blue, Burgundy, Gold
Mascot Hornet

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