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Volunteers make a difference in Lee's Summit R-7 Schools.

Community involvement is essential for the success of LSR7 schools. We are grateful for the dedicated volunteers who support our school community.

There are many ways to volunteer in LSR7, including getting involved in PTA organizations, providing curricular connections through programs such as Partners in Education or giving time to the Lee's Summit Educational Foundation. For more information about getting involved with district initiatives, see our Get Engaged page.

There are also many ways to volunteer at our school buildings. To volunteer with your school building, please start by reviewing the information below and complete a volunteer eligibility form.

Screened volunteers accompanying future field trips will require further paperwork; we will let you know as those opportunities arise. Photo IDs are required on your first visit.

Step One: Review this information: Becoming a Volunteer in LSR7

Step Two: Complete a Volunteer Acknowledgement Form

Step Three: Call your school to complete any school-specific volunteer paperwork. (If you've already been in contact with the school, you may disregard this step.)